Airsoft Pricing


$20 Field and Air fee

$49.95 Rental Package


FPS/Joule Limits Airsoft

300 fps with a .36g bb for any distance

390 fps with a .36 for DMRs and bolt action snipers with 100ft engagement distance. Must have a HARD LOCKED semi auto. Must be a mature experienced player to shoot this hot


Safety Rules (Airsoft Specific)

No safety kills! You can offer a surrender from the direct side or back but the player does not have to accept so prepare to shoot if he/she tries to turn on you

Do not overshoot! It takes 1 bb to call a hit but 2 more behind it to make sure they feel it and one more is accidental. But 5 shots in a CQB situation is overshooting and handled on a case by case basis

No full auto within 35 feet! If you think it might be 35 feet then it is 35 feet

Melee kills allowed BELOW the neck and NOT THE GROIN! Use a slicing motion not a stabbing one!

All grenades count as kill within 15 feet!

No Russian imported grenades! If you feel you should be allowed to use them then see the head airsoft guy and be over 18

No smoke grenades inside buildings!

Mag out, safety on, and barrel bag on when off the field!

Mesh goggles allowed for players ages 16 and up!

Full seal eye pro only!


We are NOT bio only. Non bio is allowed on our field




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2020 Waiver

2020 Waiver

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