Rules and regulations for Operation Resurrection II:

-FPS RULES: Anything 400fps and lower with a .20 will have no min engagement for semi auto and a min engagement of 35ft in full auto or burst-fire. Anything over 400fps with a .20 will have a min engagement distance of 100ft and must be used in semi only!
Safety Rules:
-No safety kills! Please keep in mind, FRIENDLY FIRE COUNTS!!! So, watch your fire!!
-Do not overshoot! It takes 1 bb to call a hit but 2 more behind it to make sure they feel it and one more is accidental. But 5 shots in a CQB situation is overshooting and handled on a case by case basis
-No full auto within 35 feet! Burst fire counts as full auto!! If you think it might be 35 feet, then it is 35 feet...
-Melee kills allowed BELOW the neck and NOT THE GROIN! Use a slicing motion not a stabbing one!
-Gun hits do NOT count!
-All grenades count as kill within 15 feet. IED's and satchel charges have a kill radius of 30ft!! Rocket launchers/203’s will be allowed. All projectiles must be checked by a ref at the chrono station!! The person with the launcher will be allowed 1 rocket per hr. Kill radius is 15ft. DO NOT SHOOT PEOPLE WITH THESE!!!!DO NOT LAUNCH ROCKETS THROUGH WINDOWS!! Launchers with “BB SHOWER” rounds are irrelevant to these rules..
-No smoke grenades inside buildings!
-Mag out, safety on, and barrel bag on when off the field!
-Full seal eye pro only!
-If you get hit, pull out your dead rag and call out for a medic or go straight to respawn.
-We are NOT bio only. Non bio is allowed on our field.
-No Laser pointers of any kind
Medic rules: Each team will be assigned 6 medics and each medic will be issued 5 bandages. Spotters will be issued only 1 bandage and will be able to revive their sniper. ONLY MEDICS AND SPOTTERS ARE ALLOWED TO REVIVE PLAYERS! If you are caught reviving players and you are not a medic or a spotter, you will be reprimanded! Medics and spotters will be allowed to re-supply on bandages throughout the day.
-If you happen to get shot, lay or sit on the ground with a dead rag and call for medic. If the medic can get to you in time, they will be required to wrap a bandage around your appendage (Arm or Leg). As soon as it's tied, you're back in the fight! If you get hit again, you must go to respawn and place the bandage in a bin so the medic can re-supply.

SWAMP LIBERATION ARMY(SLA): 3 Points from Staging Area(3 Entry Ways, to alleviate the ability to spawn camp )

If there is an issue on the field, please notify a ref and they will handle it to the best of their abilities. ARGUING with the ref's WILL NOT be tolerated!!! If this occurs, you will be escorted off of the field with no refund.

NATO: LEADERS: Stephen Carter, Jojo (RADIO CHANNELS: 1-5)

SLA(SWAMP LIBERATION ARMY): Leaders: Rob Greneveld, Dave Stone, Gavin Ober(RADIO CHANNELS:6-10)

The list special roles for each team:
NATO(Blue Team):
-6 Medics: Each medic will issued 5 bandages and will be able to re-supply throughout the day.
-2 EOD's: These soldiers will be able to disable rebel IED's.
-5 Sniper Teams: Each team will consist of a sniper and a spotter. These two soldiers will have to stay within a maximum of 20ft from each other. with an S. Spotters will also be issued a bandage so that they can heal the sniper if they go down.

-6 Medics: Each medic will be issued 5 bandages and be able to resupply throughout the day.
-5 IED Specialists: These specially-trained people will be able to set off IED's and carry a satchel charge. Satchel charges will take out everyone inside of a building as long as it lands inside, and the building will remain in play. (This rule excludes castle, if it lands on bottom floor, all of the bottom floor is dead. If it lands on the top floor, everyone on the top floor is dead.)
-5 Sniper Teams: Each team will consist of a sniper and a spotter. These two soldiers will have to stay within a maximum of 20ft from each other. Spotters will have 1 bandage and will be allowed to heal the sniper.

Main Objectives for both teams:
-Main objectives will be CLASSIFIED until the day of the game!
-Teams holding the positions by the lunch break will receive the points accordingly. The game will reset after lunch, and the teams holding these buildings by the end of the day will receive the according points also.
-There will objectives that change ever throughout the day. Each objective will be worth 1point. Teams holding/accomplishing at the end of the declared time period will earn 1point.
The team with the most objectives completed/most points earned at the end of the day wins!

Continuous objectives throughout the day:
-Retrieve ammo boxes: These important ammo boxes will be marked with red tape, and MUST be brought to your CO for your team to get the point. There will be only 3 ammo boxes placed on the field, and will be worth 1pnt ea. This objective WILL NOT reset after lunch! PLEASE NOTE: If you get shot moving the ammo boxes, you must drop the box where you are! Anyone who is alive will be able to move the ammo box.

-Capture enemy CO’s: If you capture an enemy CO, you must present them to your commanding officer. Co’s are worth 2 points per capture and the points will collect throughout the day! SO, keep your eyes peeled!!
-Capture and escort the reporters: Both teams can capture reporters throughout the day. This will allow them to get pics of you, and your team-mates throughout the day! PLEASE NOTE: CAPTURING REPORTERS WILL NOT GET YOU POINTS!!

-Take pics of enemy HQ: Bring the pictures to your team’s CO, and 1point will be earned for your team.

-Takes pics of enemy leaders: Bring pictures of enemy leaders to your CO and 1point will be earned for your team.

Artillery: Each team is allowed 2 artillery strikes. They can be used at any given time, but they must be called in by your team’s CO. Artillery strikes will take out ANYONE in a 4-grid area. Please keep in mind, FRIENDLY FIRE COUNTS!!

-Pre-REG: $30 and you get a custom patch!


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