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The Swamp Fun Park is a facility established to service the paintball and Airsoft community in the southeastern region of VA. We are dedicated to the recreational player and we welcome new players with open arms. We presently have 40+ acres of playing fields that include woods ball fields, a concept/scenario field and a tournament grade air ball field. Our highly trained staff takes great pride in providing the highest degree of customer service. Their mission is to ensure that our customers have a fun, positive, enjoyable and SAFE experience. Prepare to have a blast!! Bring the whole family, friends, or co-workers for a day everyone will remember and experience they will never forget! Paintball is one of the fastest growing recreational activities in the WORLD.

If you’re a seasoned veteran or just a beginner, we have you covered. Our experienced referees and staff are here to oversee the games and answer any questions to make your paintball experience a positive one.

Paintball is a character-building sport enjoyed by people of all ages, lifestyles and professions. Men , women and children over the age of 8 can compete equally. Cleverness and determination, not merely strength, speed or agility, are essential to success in the sport. Like a game of chess, being able to think quickly and decisively is what makes you a superstar in paintball. Come experience the thrill of the game and the ultimate adrenaline rush!

You can bring your own gear if you have it. But if you need rentals, we rent Tippmann paintball markers. All of our equipment is thoroughly maintained, ensuring each player a worry free day of play.

There is always ample and secure parking. Our indoor pro-shop has everything you need including snacks, beverages, and clean restrooms.

We play rain or shine so dress accordingly.

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Private Parties

Birthday and Organizational Parties

*must be age 8 and up* (you know your children better than we do)
Approximetely 4 hours

Weekends $275
for up to 6 people
$40.00 for each additional person
1 full rental setup per person (if needed),
Field & Air fees per person, 1 bag of paint per person, cake ,and pizza

*Additional paintballs may be purchased at a discount price*

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Pricing and Fees

Effective March 7th, 2015

All Day Field Fee and All Day Air/CO2 Fill Fee $15.00

Rental Package, includes:

Basic:Tippman rental, mask, 500 paintballs, all day field and air - $45.00 (Active duty Military/First responders - $30.00)

Commando:Tippman A-5, mask, 500 paintballs, all day field and air - $55.00

Sniper: Emek, Rotor Hopper, mask, 500 paintballs, all day field and air - $55.00

E-Tek: E-Tek 4/5 Electronic marker, Rotor Hopper, mask, 500 paintballs, all day field and air - $70.00

Extra Paintballs Bag(500) / Case(2000)

Field Grade $ 20.00 / $ 65.00

Premium Grade $ 25.00 / $ 75.00

*We offer Active Duty Military, Veteran, First Responder, Boy Scout, Girl Scout, Nurse, and Teacher Discounts!!!

10% discount on additional paint and merchandise

Group Rates: (Per Individual)

**20+ $40.00

**30+ $35.00

**40+ $30.00

***Military/First responder 30+ - $25.00


Read more: Pricing and Fees

Annual Memberships

GOLD Membership ($200)

The annual GOLD membership is good for 1 year from date of purchase. As a Gold member you are eligible for all of the following:

1.) Unlimited FREE Field & Air * ($15.00 Value)
2.) 10% discount on the cost of paintballs and pro shop purchases anytime
3.) 10% discount for Big Game events Field, Air, and Paint
4.) Call ahead service! Call and have your paintballs and supplies waiting for you. No waiting in line!
5.) Gold Membership Card
6.) Free Rentals
7.) SIX Guest Passes (including FREE admin, air, & rental)
~ As an added benefit ONLY available on the GOLD membership is the Family advantage program. The primary purchasing member may also purchase GOLD memberships for members of their immediate family. Second family member is $100 and every family member after is $50 annually from date of purchase.
****Not valid during Scenario Events or Charity Games.

Read more: Annual Memberships

Safety/Game Rules

Below are the rules for safe play at The Swamp Paintball Park. These rules are an outline for general recreational play and for any private groups we host. For scenario events be sure to read and familiarize yourself with The Swamp Scenario Rules of Play (SSRP).

  • Our two most important Safety rules at The Swamp are MASKS ON and BARREL BAGS ON. Before entering and while on the playing field your mask must be on and STAY ON at all times - NO EXCEPTIONS!! Before exiting and when off the playing field your barrel bag must be on and STAY ON at all times NO EXCEPTIONS!! Barrel plugs are not acceptable.
  • No fully auto, semi auto only. Response triggers are OK.
  • Our maximum velocity is 285 fps. You must chrono your marker before playing.
  • We play single shot elimination here. One shot anywhere to the body and you are eliminated from the game. Marker shots do not count except when told beforehand. When you are eliminated raise your marker above your head and exit the field immediately or walk back to respawn if applicable.

Read more: Safety/Game Rules

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2020 Waiver

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