If you have never played paintball before or are a first time visitor to The Swamp, the below guidance will help you understand the process from getting registered to playing through a game.

* Doors open at 9 am.
* You come to the counter in the store, sign in, fill out a waiver, pick up a marker(gun) and safety mask if necessary and paintballs. Pay and exit the store.
* You then head for the staging area and set up. The staging area is located by the rear parking lot by the playing fields. It has picnic tables and shelters.
* At 10 am there is the first Safety and game rules briefing given by the Head referee(field manager). Everyone must attend a safety and rules briefing before playing.
* The first game is 5 minutes after the briefing. You will be asked to gather at the main entrance to the playing fields for team selection.

* Once all players are present the Head referee divides the players into two teams. If you have a team preference, such as you want to play on the same team as your child or friend or maybe you want to be on the opposite team, let the Head Ref know and he will accommodate you.
* After the teams are picked you will be given a colored arm band to designate what team you are on.
* The games begin. All games are timed and last about 20 minutes. The games are started by a loud horn or other notifier and ended in the same manner. Just prior to entering the playing field a particular field and game is chosen. There are five playing fields to choose from. There are many different games in paintball, the three most popular being:
1) Standard elimination. The object of this game is to eliminate all of the opposing team.
2) Capture the flag. In this game a flag is placed in the center of the field. The object is to capture the flag and take it to your opponents starting area.
3) Attack and defend. In this game a Base, Fort or Castle is chosen in one of the playing fields. One team is confined to this base with their mission being to defend it against the attacking team. The attacking team's mission is to overtake the Base, Fort, or Castle. This is accomplished by either stepping into one of these areas or by ringing a bell located inside the Castle.
* Once you enter the playing field you will go to your designated starting area.
* The Head Ref then blows the horn and the game begins.
* When the game begins the rest is somewhat self explanatory. Here are a few tips though for the " Newbie"
1) Team up with other members of your team. Several people working together as a TEAM have a much higher chance of accomplishing their goal and/or just staying alive.
2) Try to stay behind something as much as possible. The more you expose yourself the greater the chance of being eliminated.
3) When you change locations, move quickly. The faster a target is moving the harder it is to hit. Note there are times when slow movement is advantageous also (in the woods, stalking).
4) When shooting at your opponent make sure they are within range. Otherwise you are just wasting paintballs and giving away your location.
5) When you are in range, shoot in three round bursts. This optimizes your chance of hitting your opponent without wasting a lot of paintballs.

I Hope you have found this tutorial to be informative, helpful and makes you more comfortable in making the decision to play paintball. Also, The Swamp has a very relaxed atmosphere and all the staff and players are very willing to give advice and helpful hints to the beginner. Call, e-mail or come by for more information. Hope to see or hear from you.