Swamp Paintball

Paintball 101

If you have never played paintball before or are a first time visitor to The Swamp, the below guidance will help you understand the process from getting registered to playing through a game.

* Doors open at 9 am.
* You come to the counter in the store, sign in, fill out a waiver, pick up a marker(gun) and safety mask if necessary and paintballs. Pay and exit the store.
* You then head for the staging area and set up. The staging area is located by the rear parking lot by the playing fields. It has picnic tables and shelters.
* At 10 am there is the first Safety and game rules briefing given by the Head referee(field manager). Everyone must attend a safety and rules briefing before playing.
* The first game is 5 minutes after the briefing. You will be asked to gather at the main entrance to the playing fields for team selection.

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2020 Waiver

2020 Waiver

All players must complete the form before playing